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we named him manny

March 16, 2011

things ive realized since september:

1. i am far more capable and hard-working than i had ever imagined. a fact i realized only recently after working at least 10 hours a day at peoples revolution for the last almost 6 months.

2. i don’t want to be known for being someone, i want to be known for doing something – will get back to this at a later time…

3. am allergic to grains. sucks.

4. i can’t kick sleeping with my teddy bear.

5. i wear the same 4 or 5 outfits over and over again.

6. im good at making makeshift homes – i live in the back of of peoples rev showroom above kelly’s apt cuz i cant really afford my own place. its mad cozy. sundresses for curtains.

7. as soon as i get a place im getting another pitpull puppy and a kitten.

8. im still taking applications for possible boyfriends.

9. i need to take pictures more often.

10. basel might have been of of the most magical bro weekends in history (see below photos).  we swam with wild manatees in the harbor outside chases house in miami, just sayin.



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