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blondie went to paris

March 15, 2011

my darling friend cynthia smith is the epitome of a vogue girl. shes very beautiful, very blonde, very tiny, has the wardrobe of blaire waldorf and owns yellow labs. shes been my little everything since 8th grade, and after years of being on opposite coasts (besides my visit to her nantucket summer home and our trips to paris) she is now an actual vogue girl.

she works uptown i work downtown. shes the cheerleader and im the weird goth chick (you should have seen the look on everyones face at vogue when i showed up in all black for a desk side appt – “cynthia she grew up in pasadena with YOU?”)  but admist these terrible social barriers our friendship has survived. we still laugh and act as we did when we were 15 and there isnt much i wouldnt do for cynthia or her beautiful family.

cynthia was one of the select lucky vogue assistants to go to paris this year for fashion week, and was smart enough to chronicle her daily adventures and outfits. while cynthia may always be “on trend”, her looks are remain perfectly classic.  in a world where tattoos and ripped shirts now grace the pages of every fashion magazine (and my own body) there is something to be said about class, which in my opinion, is the most important “trend” of all.

click HERE to see rad photos from our amazing trip to paris a while back

and go to VOGUE.COM to see more of cynthia’s trip


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  1. Leslie Ann Holliday permalink
    March 17, 2011 9:16 pm

    The irresistible Miss Cynthia is breathtaking! A close look at her gene pool will explain why she and her exquisite sister Sarah are as beautiful inside as they are on the outside. What an amazing start for her first quarter century! I send much love for a beauty-filled future!! xo

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