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i got a hair cut yesterday

March 29, 2010

the good ol city of angels. just started being social. which means i just ask reza where to go. this night i had people at my new place.

and scotty

and this chick i didnt know

who was with this other chick that i randomly know

and this dude who ive met a couple times

the down side of weighing 100 pounds…looking like that from the back

mickey keeping it real

and this chick who was keeping it totally real


dudes ive seen around ny a bunch

mr garcia who has known me since i was 15

two chicks broing in my closet


charlie bro. think hes cool cuz he’s on the hills now.


chirssy miller was at teddys. we took photos of each other for a while.

crowd o’shockers


fick at hwood


and joey cups!

what’s a girl to do…

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  1. May 11, 2010 2:26 pm

    this may seem real random..but….is the dude with the flannel shirt and giant beard named, brandon?


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