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harley x diane martel = awesome town

January 8, 2010

i worked on a harley davidson commercial/photo shoot about a month ago, which was directed by one of my new favorite humans, diane martel. watching her work is amazing. seeing a strong female kill it like she does is really inspiring, and an honor considering her body of work (wiki that shit). i got to help out with casting, and considering they needed boys who new how to ride, i called the only people i knew that were able to fill that requirement.

hamamoto keepin it classy


miller was casted as well, and spent an entire day by my side being awesome. while we were waiting for a shot to be set up he crawled up onto a directors chair all on his own, being the regal man he was.


this is the beautiful olivia malone. shes an incredible photographer. one of the first people i was introduced to in new york. she works with diane and got me on the job.

one of the locations was a biker bar in sunland, that by 11 am was filled with the local bike gang, the sundowners, who are my new favorite crew.

the ring on the far left is a prosthetic eyeball

the boys drank  and played pool in between takes

mucho beautiful model babes

you know hami was all up on that

this breaks my heart. its how we used to sleep. man i miss my dog.



leo romero was there but sat by himself most of the time being bitter because he’s miserable and mean and sucks.

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  1. January 10, 2010 9:50 am

    God I love that Leo.

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