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stuff that happened this year that was pretty bro

December 30, 2009

lindsey moved in

cynthia moved to ny to be anna wintour’s personal assistant

i became friends with mike bones and got to see him perform for the first time

bill tried to play pool

the trash in ny got all pretty during christmas

purple got a new tattoo

hamamoto got a new tattoo

heath acted weird as per usual

slash got some “cool dad” shades

and i realized he had two different colored eyeballs

“hollywood chris” from the sundowners gave me an invite to their club house

i got to hang with livy jane on set

i sat in a tree swing in texas

i got a new tattoo

camille almost drowned in spanky’s messy ass room

flip slept in the back of my car for 2 hours while i ran errands…i got park in every loading zone in hollywood

my mom and sister drank too many margs on taco tuesday…again

ella turned 3…and broke her entire leg. biggest lil pink cast ive ever seen

i wore my grandmothers dress to christmas eve…one she wore over 60 years ago when she was my age

after losing miller’s life i got to save another life by getting this lil dude…yes i know they are identical…yes i know its weird

my dad got all 4 of his joint replacements scanned for 15 minutes at the airport

i got to eat everything im not allowed to at once in the austin airport

i met amanny and she met bill

lindsey looked awesome as per usual

crystal made me wait in line with her to see new moon

beans found a new place to chill in the apt

she also learned how to hold my finger with her paw

this was in a window

i ate a lot of these

i drank beers in coney with people i like a lot

jena and wyatt made a human…and it likes me

i turned 23

every bro ever went to miami

chase moved to laurel canyon

amanda super-modeled out during the bing bang shoot

i got to spend time with my favorite set of sisters

merks came to la and drank bloodys with me at dark room

i got another new tattoo…im full of good ideas

i learned how to properly tie-dye at crystal and jeylans birthday

laughed until i thought i was going to die with cynthia

jess gave des a haircut in tompkins

i got sleep with these two

coco sumner serenaded us on set

got to work and hang with boater in la

got to watch boater take photos of this dudes hilarious tattoos

i got to torture alex

i got my nails did…and an AWESOME ryan kearney ring (the big buzzard on the left)

i watched lots of stuff burn down for a few days

i got to spend saturday afternoons dancing around a boombox with the darling children who play in tompkins

went to the getty with my mommy

got to spend another year being this wonderful womans daughter

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