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don’t knock on my window at 5 am please

March 23, 2009

aron had his 85th birthday at the new spot last week. everyone wants to hate, but in reality he prevented all of us from having to travel between the same 3 bars we would have gone to anyways because everyone  you did and didn’t want to see was there. i stopped by for a bit with my coconut water before going home and doing more homework.


these dudes were projecting what looked like petree dishes against the wall. old man nerd alert. 


this dude performed. i dont know who he is but he was super fabulous.


wade grew his hair out. he also has a new blog. the combo of the two gave him a lil bounce in his step. that or maybe its because the virgins are super famous now. 


theos hair 


kim makes me feel bad about myself sometimes all the time. i dont know why, her face is weird, her body is super chubs, her style blows and her hair is boring. 



beyonce and jay-z


cheeseburger also performed. i like them a lot.



i mean…


me and lil jr. i’ve missed her.



that guy and frenchie. 


des and the queen of high waisted jeans, miss judy rosen. i miss the good the bad and the ugly


dan…also known as young love. cappello just shot his new album cover and video. he is the most handsome piece of white bread, and after some discussion, we voted him nicest dude ever at brunch on saturday.


then i went home to the only man in my life, frank. my apt is like a “don’t date me” red flag. you can tell by the two cats, million dvds and nintendo 64 (note the mario cart). i dont really need anything else. and besides, frank cuddles with me after we do it, and all i have to do is cover my bed in cat nip. i mean…what did you say?


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  1. April 2, 2009 10:47 am

    Loving the portraits of Kim.. awesome…

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