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heavy on my shoulder

March 18, 2009

i’m on spring break. while everyone is in la or on vaca, i’m in ny doing homework for my midterms next week. my brother and his wife get here today, neither of them have been to ny before, which means i have to leave my neighborhood to show them stuff. they want to see the statue of liberty, so i figured we would ride the staten island ferry back and forth to get a good view. it’s only a few bucks and you can buy beer. if i wear a baiting suit and bring some sort of alcohol that smells like sun tan lotion i’ll have my spring break check-list covered. i also heard the polar bear in central learned the back-stroke, so this week should be a killer. its called being awesome. 

i had pneumonia for a couple weeks, the first night i felt ok i made it out for miss lesley arfins 30th birthday party. curtis came over to being me cough drops and help me pick out an outfit. as you can tell i wasnt looking forward to leaving my apartment. 


i got grumpy cuz i couldnt find anything to wear.


curtis was grumpy because he had to have half his toe chopped off.


finally threw a dress on and headed out. i mean look at these two. its like heaven. CUTE ATTACK!


lesley looked effing faaaaablous


her bff jen made her a cake appropriately saying “fuck you lesley”




lesley and sally…missbehave dream team




fat jew



harley and katya. the tom binns jewls made me want to kill myself. so yummy.




i mean ramona is covered in tattoos of butterflies and flowers. 


then to beatrice. max fell asleep in the cab during our long ass drive out west.




was over it as soon as i got there. came home. whit was leeping on the couch. 


one night i was up doing some homework, and around 4 i heard her come into the apt. after a few minutes of not hearing anything, i walked into the hallway and found she had fallen trying to take her shoes off, and then just kinda slept there for a while. i had never messed with anyone who’s drunkenly passed out in my home before, so i took the opportunity to do so. whit had never been drawn on, so it was a first for both of us. 


5th street is calling my name apparently


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