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i never thought id be on a boat

February 12, 2009

i’ve been horrible about updating. this is something i will be doing way more often. like i said before i have been working my butt off in school, and literally trying to work my butt off at the gym everyday. this is the first semester that i just love all my classes. its weird that after being in school for almost four years i only now feel like im a young excited college student. getting my film developed is so expensive, so im learning at school how to develop my own. we’ll see how that goes.  i just finished a great book, rick braggs “the prince of frogtown” which i highly recommend.the weather here goes from unbearably cold to surprising warm. today its so windy i literally almost got knocked off my feet.  below are the left overs from los angeles. 

justin and camille’s birthday. it was a shakeys. 



may and aska. aska is in the new issue of oyster. go pick it up.



i found may, alone, in the game room. it was pretty intense.


i brought my sister along with me. being 20 years older than i am, our lives have obviously been running on different tracks. its nice now that we can hang out and enjoy each others company when im home. it was a random night she didnt have her kids so i figured id take her out and introduce her to my buddies.


spanky was a part of a group show one night at some gallery. i went by to say hello. they had a wall of paper for people to draw on, so he drew a lil monster person.


adjusting’s lindseys cloak. barf.


barf again


alicia came into town for a few days and so did boatwright. so awwwwesome. angela is obviously an incredible photographer. she just cant stop. not even when we are eating.





we had lunch in pasadena and went to hollywood to get our nails did. alicia passed out in the back of my car.


there is this dude on melrose and highland that sells tigers. every photo shoot ive done with boatwright or watched her do, no matter who she is shooting, there is always a “youre an angry tiger!” yelled at some point. this was just like heaven for her. the image of her carrying that thing onto the plane back to ny makes me so happy. 



one night i cooked pasta like the good lil italian future housewife i am for my girlfriends and we feasted.



kenneth cappello’s dog chich. she single handedly made me like little dogs. she also now has her own blog. redic…and perhaps a lil gay.






last days of the baker house. beagle is filming twuan.



theo! just a special person. he would sit at the house with his biology book and do his homework. he just got sponsored by nike too…so congrats man. 


antwuan. you can guess why his shoe laces and belt are missing.




my father chuck….the ultimate boss man


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  1. bear permalink
    February 12, 2009 9:28 pm

    why you wanna work your ass off

  2. February 16, 2009 1:43 pm

    so this shit is random, because i dunno who you are and V/V. but its my fourth year in school and for once i like all my classes too.

    feel free to check out my blog, even though you might not. (love that reverse psych shit)

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