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tender moments

October 23, 2008


i found a couple rolls of film from when i was in la la land. i took them with this old camera that my dad used in the 80’s, not used to it yet so the colors are kinda weird…these are from the night before neck’s show

twuan and the goat

the boys were testing out the ramp to make sure it was working properly

when alicia is on vacation, she really goes on vacation. although, this is pretty typical.

these are from andrews house. lizard king shredding.

real talk

band practice

baker house elevator…whitness!! WIZZZZARD

herman and flip were having a really serious argument about what each empty bottle of alcohol was from and who drank it

it ended up getting pretty serious

after like 20 minutes…flip realized the red cooler he had been looking for was up there. retard.

Piss drunx mugs

flippy poo!

flip taught me how to throw a knife. second try i nailed it. look how deep that thing is

this is one random night alicia and i went downtown to hang out with bob and heath. heath only has white clothes. those jeans are covered in blood stains. grosssss


my nephew max

this is 1/3 andrews yard, 1/3 my parents living room and 1/3 fire. i didnt even go anywhere where there was a fire with this camera, so how this happened i dont know. creeeeeeepy

MOM!!! shes coming into town on saturday. so excited.

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