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young gifted and strapped

October 22, 2008

these are the rest the photos from the girly reunion dinner. its gross how pretty erica is. it makes me feel weird. so many of my friends from home are beautiful lil blondies, i dont match. its a total “one of these things is not like the other…” situation.

this is scooter. shes from delaware. reminds me of that waynes world movie part. i called her a mid-westerner not realizing that delaware is like 2 hours from new york. that was embarrassing. anyway shes as cute as a button. i want to live in her dimples.

abbie and scooter

this is our friend amy from home. she came in for the weekend from san fran. shes ugly too. 

abbie is great. she grew up down the street from me. her mom and step father have this cool modern house filled with rad art and good food. abbie was always just so wonderful. super old soul, and super independent. she spent one summer of high school in the australian outback with one backpack, drinking water from puddles, sometimes these puddles had dead decaying animals in them. she did this for fun. she lives in boston now. she rules. also ugly.

we went to lit for a sec

grandpa simon was djing

these photos are from the tiny vices tv book show. this is brandee. i met her through ramona. she just graduated high school and is kenneth cappellos intern. shes so much cooler than ill ever be.

talk about cute attack

ryan showed up just before the show ended. it was his birthday. i wanna bite his face off and keep it in my pocket for when i get sad cuz its the cutest.

click on the photo below to make it bigger and check out tims reflection in ryans glasses. thought it was kinda cool. 

brandee and kenneth. i met him for the firs time that night. funny dude.

this is from a few nights later. mae!

todd is back from some weird country. welcome home bro! missed him.

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