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you surfboard dudes get wiped out…totally

October 19, 2008

met up with merks to go to des’s surprise 30th birthday

it was a surprise indeed


i found a kitty in my closet the other day. i mean really? its like heaven




cute kid with a puppy ambushed us…again, heaven

i sit in the dog park sometimes. its creepy. i also buy myself roses once a week even though im broke. also creepy. 

the east hamptons barfed these boys into my apartment. we took advantage of the nice weather a couple weeks ago and hung out in my backyard.

obama benefit with mike, harley and chase. i dont have any money anyone could benefit from, but they had free drinks so…

we went by a new place harley’s been djing, it think its called southside. 

me and chase. the face paint fits her, shes a hippie. i look like an ass hole

i dont remember when this was. miles and mooney 

whit took this at epstiens. i was the first day i started feeling sick like 2 weeks ago. still sick. nailing it.

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