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thats low

August 21, 2008

being home is super nice. alicia came into town to hang out. heres my mother shaving the side of her head.

lil stella

stopped by ellingtons birthday real quick one night, the goat was there

reno, whit and alicia were waiting for me to leave in the driveway

eriks baby julius 

then to ponchos cowboy and indian party

the jigga man

alicia looked really pretty

me not so much

flip and hamamoto

the parrot

road trip to vegas

we slept at hermans house in victorville the first night. he has 5 acres and lots of toys. G-CODE!

lots of dishes too


we sat on the roof and looked at the stars

we grabbed antwuan and headed to vegas

he kept on making us stop to pee

i wonder why…


we stayed at the palms, and our room was siiiiick

dirty biz foot rest

we were at the palms, until this happened…

and that

resulting in him…

so we had to switch hotels, and are forever banned from the palms…but we made the most of the rest of our night


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  1. johnny permalink
    August 23, 2008 8:58 pm

    omg pia your pictures are seriously the best they’ve ever been. gimme the address of your mom’s house so i can send her that camera … and then get back here.

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