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July 28, 2008

I went to nantucket two visit to of my best friends, sarah (below) and cynthia. they are a great set of sisters who ive known for quite some time now. they spend every summer in nantucket and now i finally got to go and stay with them and their amazing family. basically its the best most beautiful place ever. 

this darling girl from london was there. 

cynthia and sarah with their little brother peter who might be the coolest most mellow little man. he’s been definite favorite of mine since he was an 8th grader who would watch surf videos alone in his room

this graveyard was so beautiful. there’s a quaker graveyard directly next to it with no gravestones, because apparently they didnt believe in such things

this is the bartlett farm, which has its own market where we would get our food.

sarah came the day after i did. this is what she looks like getting off the plane. shes so ugly

their great grandfather bought the house about 50 years ago, and since the island has become so popular, they are rent out the main house during the summer and we stay in the cottage. thats the main house, which is unreal. every single house looks exactly the same, as does the airport, all the restaurants, schools etc. there are hydrangeas and lilies everywhere, and not one chain store or restaurant. i couldn’t believe i was still in america

we made dinner the last night i was there which included these little dudes

and fresh corn, shucked with the help of trip, the littlest smith brother

saras boyfriend nick came the morning i left, trip is obsessed with him

so much he watched him use the restroom

peters in the ocean so much his hair feels like hay

little missy

the boat house

creepy rich old men were there with hoards of young girls drinking the pink champaign they bought

stealing flowers

mr. googles house

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