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July 8, 2008

at this point its just like how many photos can one person have of the same 4 people

retard didnt know i had written fag on his back

purple passion eye

boatwright did a shoot in our apt for vice. it was fun

when it was over we went to an etnies bbq. mae!


dear ramona,

i dont think your pretty or funny or nice at all. go away.

love always,


green dice, cant get better than that apparently 

beach day

i was over-served and fell

living near the ghetto rules cuz u can get 100 otter pops for like 50 cents. we kept them in our purses


one of my best friends from high school, austin, is here for a while

the rest of these are with a disposable cuz my battery died


sara and audrey….super ugly

this thing has been selling stuff on this corner for like a week now

wooooo! crombie

leslie…shes really nice

4th of july on boatwrights roof

r.i.p. salsa. saw this on eldridge. the bottles of alcohol are epic i must say

the port-hole

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