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June 12, 2008

i’m at home in los angeles right now and it feels great. so happy to be home, in my house with my family. especially since new york feels like a sweaty armenian armpit. here are the latest stupid pictures i wasted my money developing. 

i did this with neck in the bathroom at the fish. real classy san diego. check out that ill hand style. 

spanky was in town last week. ted asked if they could be bbm buddies like he was asking some hot chick out on a date, unconfident and nervous. spanky didnt actually know how to do it. so teddy alpha-maled and taught him how. it was weird.

todd was feeling extra drunk that night

if youre born a dude its for a reason. your not fooling anyone, your just making all the normal people feel weird when you walk into the brightest bar in manhattan with your dong poking out of your american apparel spandex. but then again, maybe im just bitter his legs are way sexier than mine.

observe how the mexican tries to find a sense of home outside his normal habitat by searching for a drop of the direst water possible, in this case, rain water off a fire escape. fascinating. 

spanky and mr. ben cho. just kiss already. jeesh. 

“look! im lissy” (damn flash. im so bad at this.) 

one night spanky and i were sitting outside the fish. this super rude human, said something that was negative for some reason, and of course, i said something back. he just looked at me and spanky, laughed, and pointed to me saying “first of all you look like a dude” then to spanky “and you look like a girl”. point taken.

dear ramona,

stop bringing gremlins to art shows.

love always,


point taken again, i do look like a dude. 

dill just carries around epic headlines in his pocket. nbd.

if may could turn her face off id feel a lot better about my own.

sara 18 is back.

we went to santas after dill’s art thing with s magazine. this band performed. i dont know what they are called, and wasnt paying attention to the music. but they all looked like every other new rock band around, long hair, super skinny, jeans that would fit on my arms cheek bones you could grade cheese on and a cig glued to their hands. whos a good lil rock and roll star? someone’s been watching almost famous

then back to the fish

then last call with the razos. 

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  1. may permalink
    June 12, 2008 8:44 am

    omg take that photo off!!! my foundation does not match my skin!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA

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