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three year crush

May 30, 2008

went to billys to watch the manson movie. sara came home and made bacon grilled cheese sammies. billy could hear her trying to turn the gas on their ghetto grill. he was paranoid the apt was going to blow up, so he alpha-maled the situation. 

here he is looking like a chick

he took this of me looking like a total pile

get off aim

i feel like an ass posting more pics of lit, but its one of the only nights where i can go out and not have to get up for work the next day. it was super packed cuz lissy performed.

muska moved here

this lil buddy’s name is samford wallington justice eqs. i met him freshman year, we had journalism together. super funny. really smart. here he is looking like bambie. 

sara turned 21. i love her. people say we look like twins. a couple weeks ago i danced with a dude we know at beatrice for a solid 10 minutes, during which time he thought he was dancing with her and not me. that was weird.

anne is back!

bailey, leo, and angela

anne, rachel and sara

alan’s been in paris for a semester. that must have sucked.

ninja tutle



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