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i wanna love and treat you

May 30, 2008

i was smoking a cig outside of work and a huge limo pulled up. these two came out. i yelled at them “please tell me its prom night” they said yes and i got so excited. junior year i helped throw the prom, so i showed up, signed everyone in, and me and my best friend austin went to koi in hollywood for dinner. we went to an all girls school, so boys were no interest to us. we were in our own world. god i loved it. then senior year i missed my prom cuz i was here visiting my ex-boyfriend. i remember sitting in his apartment in bushwick, wearing one of his t-shirts and boxer eating cereal out of a huge plastic bowl. i told him it was my prom night, and he said “oh”. i guess being with my boyfriend in new york was way more epic, but i remember being really bummed that we werent at least having dinner somewhere or something. regardless, i wouldnt have had it any other way. being in love like that was like a million proms in one.

this is julia. we work together. shes a really lovely soul. 

work is so hard. i have to drink all the wine so i know what im selling. ugh. 

and thats my boss. enough said.

this italian dude comes in for a night cap every friday between 1 and 2. we tried to give him a make-over

gabi from three as four with maiko, my boss’s wife

these german dudes came in and left their al capone cigs at the bar. nbd.

i went to clems after work to see alicia and keira bartend. effing brooklyn. u need a facial hair, a flannel, or a dumb tattoo to cross the bridge. i have all three.

t-mo and that dude

lizard!! so happy to see him back in town. kid is the very first skateboarder featured in the new baker video. i love it when super broke people get super rich over night. he deserves it, he has the sweetest heart.

he wants to marry alicia, but then again who doesnt

went to albany on sunday for a relaxing memorial day with alicia’s family. she took me to this spot where she and her friends used to drink beers in high school. so beautiful.

she took me to the outskirts 

we picked up her lil half sister for the day

here she is with alicia’s lil brother. she nicknamed him kelly. hilarious.

alicia’s other sister. shes the wittiest 16 year-old ive ever met in my life

that lil kid on the right in thw swing said she was lost. her name was jj. she was beautiful. i wanted to steal her and force her into baby modeling to make some cash. but then her babysitter found her. bummer. i need the money.

“i want taco bells!” dont we all lil one. 

i let the lil tyke take use my camera. this was supposed to be of me and alicia. good choice in photo editing. just kidding!

last but not least a bbq before heading to the train to go back to the city. the train goes along what i think is the hudson. there are huge beautiful houses on cliffs and shanty’s on the water. it was so interesting to see a new landscape. below these retards are trying to make that weird sound with grass. didnt work. losers. 

oh! god! why! no!

more sara baller food making

haha inna….i got a photo of you!



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