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legalize la

May 27, 2008

desiree razo, super epic babe

teddys bartending at welcome to the johnson’s…or as i like to call it, reaching a new low

old semz tag, and cat’s with one of his old guitar pick. i bet all the ass holes that go to lit now dont even know who he is. i got here just in time to meet him. r.i.p fellow scorpio 

sara and molly. they are real ugly. 

this dude has been wearing tights and fake boobs at lit for years. when i moved to 7th st, i watched him and his daughter walk out of the house across the street from me. major mind blow.

simon. hes like 65

will and paul

tyshawn and isak. supreme dream team 

keira has purdy eyes


lissy trullie. shes performing at lit this wednesday at 11:30

they made out 2 seconds after i took this, fags.

mooney is a pimp. he spanks asses

kids i stole from mogador 

my fav chef at my fav secret breakfast spot

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