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May 25, 2008

sometimes i get embarrassed when the topic of how gay blog are comes up, because i fall into the category of some corny human that thinks what they are doing is so interesting or cool that they need to show their life to everyone. and although thats a topic i could divulge into right now, i really dont feel like it. what i will say, however, is that although i do think about the blog phenomenon is a bit scary (and this insane need we have to promote oneself these days) i am nothing other than genuinely happy to find a blog like i found this evening. call it a blog, a website or perhaps photo journal, tonight i was lead to my friend curtis’s site. i had no idea it was a hobby of his to take photographs (maybe i dont know him well enough, maybe photography is becoming a common habit) but i was so happy to such pictures. i feel like curtis is a bit of an observer. quiet is not an appropriate word to describe him, i cant think of what really would be right now other than simple. but what i will say is he’s certainly an observer, someone who notices beautiful situations or circumstances in life that others might not. in my eyes, his photos are like captured tender moments. i had total sincere joy looking through all the pictures just now. some of you may know curits, he works at supreme in la and is just sweet as can be.

here are some of my favorite photographs:

go to pronto.


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