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we sure are cute for two ugly people

May 19, 2008

finished school. feels awesome. but now i dont know what to do with my free time. here are some randoms from the last couple weeks. i havent been using my usual camera, these are all from disposables. blah blah blah…i need to get anther job.


alicia eating my hair.

look at my foot ball boi face, i look like im about to sac someone.

dan, large man, was prancing around like a fag behind the bag. his leg extensions are super epic. 

went with billy to see lissy play at the west side gentlemen’s club. 

rachel was there, looking beautiful as always

nate was there as well

so was derek. he has a hilarious website called that you should check out for laughter

billy’s life through photos 

santa’s. it was bascally a mini rave. have to say i had a faaaabulous time

it was the reza’s last night in town. i dont know why im making that stupid face


“dont take a picture pia…mad bloggers have been trying to take photos all night.” shut up jr


sara baller…BALLIN

sir frank

dont look so happy

i met alex and alicia at the fish at 3:30 one night. i said i felt like eating cake. alex then pulled ho’s ho’s out of his pocket. no big deal.

lit again. i cant handle it anymore. apparently neither can this guy. 

ian and may


nyu will truly miss you

whats with the face



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  1. May 21, 2008 3:32 pm

    take care of my girl till she gets here…keep her away from…oh shit too late…

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