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foot ball boi

May 7, 2008

 15 page paper due friday, 10 page due monday, magazine due tuesday. work tonight, friday and saturday. this is it deuds, crunch time. its going to be the longest 6 days ever. im a lttle disappointed with the universe today. if you find out that a dear friend of yours who texted you to hang out two weeks ago was hooking up with your ex boyfriend a couple months ago what do you do? im over the ex, thats not the issue. the issue is that she was there for me during my time of heart-break. “he’s a loser…i cant believe you dated him anyway…i have your back…blah blah blah” kind of embarrassing for her. i have so many other things going on so why do i care right? i care because i feel as though im a good human, and i want that goodness to translate into the world, and hopefully receive it back.  at the end of the day it just means i need to be more aware, although i thought i was, about who i let into my life. i know who my real friends are and i know who the fluffers are.  i suppose its a part of learning…so bring it on bro. one less number from my phone list, more time i can spend on those who i really adore. just got this roll developed. 

jason, wooo! mag, holding my bag, total fag.


ty and jr

my earring was floating around sweet p, landed on this dreamboats ear

and this hot mess

simon djing at sway


alicia sliced her foot open in our shower. got her aids everywhere. 

the arab parrot has been staying with us. funniest. dude. ever. we share a hate for cory kennedy, cobrasnake and aoki. go to his website.

dill is back! he got some joey semz lyrics tattooed on this chest.

“youve been to harvard, youve been to yale, ive been to rehab, ive been to jail.” 

“please don’t post any pictures of me”

my boss. he’s from milan. total cartoon character

most lovely human ever maybe. mr. dios. 


trust fund oreo

i went out and grabbed a drink on sunday night with alicia and her friends from albany, who are HILARIOUS

like this dude, who’s 45 feet tall.

balloons outside of meryls house

we asked for extra sauce from 7a the other night. they sent us 15. 

cinco de mayo at motorcity. clark, dashing as always.



bill took this. photographers think they’re so effin cool

happy cinco de mayo!

“yea im a pot head, so what” this is what happens when u star in dazed and confused. you become dazed and confused 






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  1. May 8, 2008 5:59 pm

    1-2-3-4-5 O’s please a Pia.

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