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they are two alone, three together, four each other

May 1, 2008

i was the guest deejay at sway last week with jr and billy, two of my favorite people.

i mean, look at her. shes the epitome of a hot mess. this litte one will be one of the next big tings in film. her video was displayed at neck face’s last show in new york.

im trying to make bill fall in love with me but i dont think its working. in any case i hope our kids dont have his nose. on that note im taking boyfriend applications, i cool, clean and do laundry btw

then my lil old friend dyan reider showed up. too bad he’s not god looking or anything. i give it a year before he’s retardedly famous for skateboarding. lil dude has a heart of gold.

its kinda old but here’s a video of the dreamboat

then we went to club la

this mess was there

it was miss love’s birthday

this gorgeous man came along

so did aviva

foss, we can all thank him for that sweaty cig-filled dungeon 

cassie and harley

went to sweet p the next night. sam from missbehave was there. shes one of the first people i introduced to in new york. i really like her alot.

smoops was there…fuck this life…ugh!

deigo, hot nerd

i mean really?

jr’s to do list

beatrice to see lissie


harifs new puppy, flip. ugly beast

alicia took this. can’t wait til finals is over and my computer isn’t permanently attached to my lap




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  1. May 5, 2008 6:59 pm

    why don’t you update your blog you little booby bunny?

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