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code name phyliss

April 25, 2008

the columbian playing soccer, me creeping a flick like a stalker. nbd. i met jack a couple years ago when he was managing the aNYthing store. i thought he was a total dreamboat. then i ran into him again a little less than a year ago when my face was broken. i was drinking at sweet p. he looked at me and said “what the fuck happened to you?” he told me i had gotten fat and that i had become a bar girl. i hate to admit it, but jack is the reason for a lot of the good stuff im doing in my life now. hes super honest, even when its really mean. but thats why i adore him. jack basically showed up in my life one day, told me all the shit i was doing wrong, and then went on his merry way. and thank god he did. hes a super good guy, and im super happy hes my friend. watch out for this one ladies. 

aviva turned 25!! (wink, wink)

look how beautiful she is! thats the dude the owns sweet p. i dont know his name. hes silly.

ian and annette were there. loooove them.


check out this babe. so much going on in that epic little brain of his. you can pour my drink annnytime. 



dave’s jacket. super lame…..NOT

that trash can must always be filled with the best food cuz this man is always passed out in the same spot with food all over his face. 

alex p

dear ramona,

your cute attacks arent cute.

all my love,



mexican dude

yellow fever

public barfing…BLOWING IT. 

this is bjorn, he plays classical piano, and is going to be a doctor. such a catch. ran into him at lovely day, we loved each other, then we departed until i realized he owes me $40. met up at epsteins (i dont thnk i spelled that right) and we sat outside drinking and talking for 4 hours. then i went home, then we went to bacaro for dinner. then so the secret smokey bar. 4 dates in one day. it was beaaautiful. i love that about new york, you just never know.

while we were at eps, all the sk8er boyz showed up for some skate video thing. 


looooove these boys

this dude is NAILING IT!!

the only man allowed in my bed, sir frank.


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