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babe, this is going to hurt for a minute

April 14, 2008

hannah hooper and her silly dog. im obsessed with her, and her art. go to to see it

braydon came into town. made everything super awesome.

ty. so cool. 

darling jason

silly little man

braydon and marc, handsome young men



stephanie porto (weareverywellthankyou) eating peanut butter nutella sammies

i asked this girl if i could take a photo. she said “as long as its not trashy”. hmmm.


never fake it

 porto and mooney. “i think your friend was feeling me”

caroline snow

ted barrow (


tino and spanky…no homo…i think

like a god damn puppy dog

ted likes me


john roman turns 21!!!! he would have died had that rubber shit not been there

toddy todd todd

jr…shes mine back off.



jerry and camille….looooove camille.

miss sam west

white trash malibu ken. like a lil angel. 


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