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im dumd…and bored if u cant tell

March 24, 2008

wrd7722: i wish my paper would write itself

wrd7722: stupid paper

Pia Arrobio: that paper is dumd

8:25 PM

wrd7722: youre dumd

wrd7722: (burned)

Pia Arrobio: at least i know how to spell dumb

Pia Arrobio: idiot

wrd7722: look at how you spelled it STUPID

wrd7722: hahahahha

wrd7722: (double burn)

Pia Arrobio: damnit

Pia Arrobio: but u thnk im smat too right?

wrd7722: yeah i guess you smat too

wrd7722: smat and dumd 

Pia Arrobio: im watching jon and kate plus 8

Pia Arrobio: so many kids

wrd7722: its unreal

Pia Arrobio: they are trying to dress them for the snow

wrd7722: i watched that over break

Pia Arrobio: so many gloves

wrd7722: marathon

Pia Arrobio: 16

Pia Arrobio: they have to dress in the garage bec if they do inside the kids sweat to death

wrd7722: hahahha

wrd7722: i dont know how they do it

wrd7722: and i love the couples interactions

Pia Arrobio: i dont either

wrd7722: they are funny

Pia Arrobio: her vagina must be an abyss

wrd7722: in the beginning of the episodes with the credits, the picture of her in the hospital on the bed and her belly

wrd7722: HUGE

Pia Arrobio: as soon as they get outside and they are all bundled up 2 of them have to pee

Pia Arrobio: like really?

Pia Arrobio: “i have to go potty”

Pia Arrobio: my response would be


Pia Arrobio: “i need a post-natal abortion”

Pia Arrobio: i just ate a tomato, then blew my nose and a seed came out

Pia Arrobio: weird

wrd7722: stop

Pia Arrobio: dude these kids are ALWAYS peeing

wrd7722: abbie use to be able to put a noodle up her nose and have it come out her mouth

wrd7722: it was gross/kewl.

Pia Arrobio: thats not impressive, everyone can do that

wrd7722: “what happened to your knees? whered all those scars come from??” …. “kindergarten…woodchips.”

Pia Arrobio: looking at the playground in tompkins today, you said dead serious “i used to play hard”

Pia Arrobio: one of the kids from this show just looked at the camera and said “i have to go potty. i have a weiner”

Pia Arrobio: my response

Pia Arrobio: “tell me something i dont know ass hole”

wrd7722: peep *****’s facebook pic

wrd7722: shes the rib-eye steak in the middle of that meat packing sandwich

wrd7722: why would she make that her profile picture

Pia Arrobio: why wouldnt she. i would too if i had a that body and two hard body fags next to me

Pia Arrobio: bathing suit full body pic



wrd7722: any girl who puts their profile pic of themselves head to toe in their bsuit

wrd7722: yes

wrd7722: exactly

 Pia Arrobio: i think it is me and john mayers personal resonsiblilty to mate

Pia Arrobio: bec our baby would be beautiful

Pia Arrobio: and the world needs more beautiful people

 wrd7722: wait, so when was the last time you masturbated


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