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fick noster came to town

March 10, 2008

i was about to go to bed, hence me not wearing any make-up, when these two strapping young lads knocked on my door. nick took the photos, i stole them from flickr.  2325145671_988dd7eb92.jpg  2325148193_e0a1e5d000.jpg2325145903_ba3b2d4842.jpg 2325967952_5e5c634aec.jpg2325146447_a247fb0b50.jpg 2325146271_d3d966fc49.jpg2325146813_d4c305fdff.jpg 2325966082_af9b222f19.jpg2325147661_ee09f304b7.jpg  2325147727_418172959a.jpg  2325968356_926c331f59.jpg 2325966682_feb9e07a1c.jpg2325148405_9e03ce0023.jpg 2325148955_40082c6cc6.jpg2325967742_6ddb2899aa.jpg  2325965272_0ea1908191.jpg2325968858_89da09dee9.jpg 2325967832_b01c3bdbed.jpg2325149155_06345e1f9c.jpg  2325146325_8d69c22810.jpgim also using this opportunity to show off my apt cuz i still need a roommate!   

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