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lit starts kindergarden

February 27, 2008

lit had its 6 year anniversary party last friday. i went for an hour after work on my way home. trying not to stay out too late or get drunk anymore, which has done wonders for my mental capacity. i wake up early clear-headed, and have become enlighten to so much around me. trying to keep that positive mental attitude. there were lots of people. i wasnt drunk so it was overwhelming. p2220371.jpg  met up with olivia…chrissy was with her. i love chrissy but i never see her.p2220350.jpg the dreamboat was there, hes going to paris tomorrow with jr and some dude i dont know. theres a going-away party tonight at sway. jr will be djing. you should go.p2220351.jpg tristan was there. havent seen him in fooooorever. crazy guy with a heart of gold.p2220362.jpg one of my favs denise. dance machine. nick didnt want to be photographed. ass. p2220366.jpg the ever fabulous and incredibly hilarious andrew porterp2220374.jpg miss natalie love. cute as a button.p2220379.jpgmr. kool guy himself…doing what he does best, acting too kool. p2220380.jpg heron!!p2220378.jpg greg. silly little dude. pegleg is one of the only “street wear” lines i really like. i dont know if thats an appropriate term, but i really dont care. they are young and silly. dont take themselves too seriously but kill it. i like that.p2220383.jpg simon. #1 internet predator. p2220375.jpg a little bumping and grinding…no big dealp2220385.jpg then this lady showed up. hannah. semi obsessed with her. not only is she super talented shes absolutely hilarious. it was her birthday. p2220386.jpg HAPPY BIRTHDAY! shit storm. literally. kaley…always looking like an angel.p2220390.jpg           

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  1. February 27, 2008 2:06 pm

    Pia you are SO much more beautiful than anyone in any picture of you anywhere ever. Good looking out on not drinking! New York is such a snoozefest right now. So uninspiring! Anyhow, Lit was craze. Glad I only work on Mondays. Come visit me and I’ll pour you a virgin Wildman Milkshake (its Jack and Coke in a pint glass with two straws).

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