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February 19, 2008

i really love cafe mogador. its one of those places i can go by myself and enjoy a nice meal at the bar. i went in there really upset one day and vented to the bartender like he really gave a shit. he was super sweet and ever since then i made a mental note that the australian bartender there is awesome. so i went last night to have dinner with miss olivia and since i hadnt eaten all day i went early to grab some pickles and a glass of wine. ugh im rambling…anyway mr. australian was bartending and we started talking. i asked him what he did besides working at mogador and he told me he had a zine called wooooo (thats 5 o’s). he wouldnt give it to me until i left because it would be embarrassing to have me sit there reading it. long story short he gave me a copy before i left and i really like it. interviews with downtown all stars like leo fitzpatrick, parker posey and aurel schmidt. im not sure where to buy it in the city, but if your in paris u can find it at collette.  his website is and its really silly. i stole these pictures from his website. wooooo_5.jpgnatespread.jpg  

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