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high school lunchroom

February 19, 2008

my darlig mother sent me an e-mail entitled “thought you might want to read this…xox momma.” The e-mail was reviews of the restaurant i work at, mangiami. most were normal, “good food!” “lower east side gem!” but this ass hole is super bitter. 1 waitress for 11 tables is hard work bro. talk about blowing it….  Posted by largecoffee Dinner here started off very promising — the appetizers were not just good, they were spectacular. But things went WAY downhill as the place got more crowded. Now, I understand how hard it can be when a place gets busy, but these guys are, evidently, totally unprepared for their own success. The delay between the apps & the main course was INSANE. As in FORTY-FIVE MINUTES. Not only that, but my friend’s potatoes were cold, his girfriend’s rissotto was underdone, and the cheese in my panini was not even half melted. Combine this with things like bringing bread and forgetting the butter (then that takes 10 mins) getting coffee and forgetting milk (then THAT takes 10 mins) and all the other basics that many establishments with far worse food have down cold, and it all made for a terrible experience. Not to mention the fact that this place suffers greatly from an affliction that all too many NY restaurants are falling to — THE NEED TO PRETEND TO BE A CLUB. Why do these folks feel like once the place is more than half full that the music HAS to be cranked up? Is it because %95 of all people in this town have nothing to say to each other when they go out? No. People WANT to talk to each other when they dine out, or else they’d just fire up a frozen pot-pie at home. But sure enough, when it got more than half-full, the stereo was cranked — and when you’ve got hard brick walls and tin ceilings the sound is absorbed by nothing and it just builds up on itself. Then you spend the next hour screaming at each other. Why more restaurants don’t spend the 2-3k necessary for the most basic acoustic treatment is beyond me. Anyway, the group of 8 drunks at the table next to us attracted to this place by the music turned it from a fair italian bistro into a high school lunchroom. Paying the check after all this left me feeling as though I’d been beaten up. Avoid. At all costs. 

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