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his name is pedro, he was a showgirl

February 11, 2008

i’m in a funk. its so cold. i walk a half hour to school, sit in my classes, walk a half hour back, do some homework, walk aimlessly around the the apt until i finally get tired. but im back! and with waaaay too many pictures. so lets get to it shall we? i’ll start where i left off, the final days of being in la. heres my last breakfast at home with chuck and marg. my mom made really good pancakes and made a nice little set-up. lastbreaky.jpgthe pancakes marg made were faaaaaabulous. she baked them instead of cooking them in a pan. its a good trick.finalpanckae.jpg  we sat in the yard together, my mom and i beginning  to get emotional about my leaving the next morning. chuck was grumpy as usual.chuckfialbreaky.jpg when i was in high school my parents and i would go to dinner the night before school started again from summer, winter or spring break. we call it the last supper and now we do it the night before i go back to new york. its always at chop house and its always incredible. its something that is really important to me. heres mr. happy again.chucklastsupper.jpg the oysters are a crucial part of the mealoysters.jpgso is the souffle.  dessert.jpg back in new york. i missed it. found out wu-tang had followed me from la to ny.wu-tangballs.jpgthis time i went with may, keira and alicia. 2207891519_2f1c8d96c2.jpgi dont know what we are doing, but it was fun. i missed my girls a lot.2207930081_dedace3ec1.jpg i went to my first chief show. it was like every west side kid from la who now lives in new york in one room. i actually had a really good time. ive never heard their music but i really enjoyed it. cheif1.jpgthese boys are too cute.cheif31.jpg watching matt, mickey and brady sing and dance along was really cute.cheif4.jpg then came the harold hunter 2nd annual fundraiser.  local stores and bars get basketball teams together to compete against one another. this year they also had dodge-ball and a buffalo wing eating competition. heres a bad picture of one of the games.haroldbball.jpgthe frank 151 team won.  frankwinners.jpg one of my fav lil girlsmeelan.jpgmy darling angela was there. shes such a babe!angela.jpg ronald, harolds brother. i love him. hes always been really sweet to me. meronald.jpg the wing contest was hilarious. wings.jpg dave broke his tooth off on a bone. ndb.davebrokentooth.jpgdan sorting through his bones. danbones.jpg aron had a party at the rec center. there were cameras filming for the his show everywhere, which was a lil weird.camman.jpg alicia and i stopped by for a bit.alicicasimodave.jpg dj booth reccenteryellow.jpgsimon was hooked up to a mic. weeeeird.simonmic.jpg theres this cardboard cut out of aron that is HILARIOUS.  we had fun with that for a bit. i brought my own bottle of red.mearoncardboard.jpg farmerfarmeraron.jpg heron, one of my favorite humans, was there.  we went to parsons, and now hes killing it. dudes blog is awesome, his style is right on and so is his design sense. seeing someone who studies what i do doing things is so inspiring to me. not only that hes a really sweet guy. too bad hes not good looking. heronhot.jpg another one of my favs, weirdo dave. hes 2 tuff, i’m 2 funky.2tuff2funky.jpg shot-gunning beers, COLL-EGE! COLL-EGE!shotgun.jpg this lil shit head…handsface.jpg  aron and simonaron.jpg arons got these lil worker men at the space, i dunno where he found them all but they are totally sillylilworkermen.jpg good crowdthecrowd.jpg yes it isreccenterbroom.jpg i went to lindseys birthday for a minute after. these to arent cute or anything.spenkylind.jpg  then on to fashion week. i personally hate fashion week. everyone acts totally different, like toooooootally cooooool maaaaaaaan. the fashion parties are horrible. everyone is so waa waa. its like being at a club in la..”who are you? what do you do? blah blah blah.”  i stay away from that shit as much as possible. but i did go to one show this season, the dear alexander wang. my darling friend erin styled the show. i wanted to support her, and she is so talented i knew it was something i didnt want to miss. i went backstage before the show to say whats up. erin was giving an interview.erininterview.jpg little hannahhannebackstage.jpg erin designed these body chains. they are so sick. so is that dress. effing call me dude, that shit is sooo hot.alexmodel.jpg a lot of this shit going onbackstagewang.jpg the show was amazing. from the tiny details of every look, to the space, to the music, to the lighting. there was an adorable lil gay man next to me, and at the end of the show he grabbed me and said “i literally felt your energy. i could feel your body shake at the excitement of the show. it was incredible.” how sweet is that? its totally true. the way that show made me feel is how i want to make other feel one day. erin and alex killed it.awshow.jpg  alexshow.jpgafter paaaaaarty! me and miss wassonmeerin.jpg  the man of the hour, alexander wangalexwang.jpg on to the super bowl. i went to clems here alicia was bartending and i could be with some real new yorkers. seeing the giants win in ny was like being in little italy when italy won the world cup…. totally nuts. real life keg stand. hilarious. i was the only one who thought that was funny. kegstand.jpgthis is jimmy, ricky and tony. jimmy (the big dude in the middle) spent 20 miutes telling me hes entitled to cheat on his wife bec he works so hard. he went on to tell me thats she spoiled bec she doesnt have to work, eventhough she stays home and cleaning and taking care of all their children. to him thats not a real job, and bec its not real theres no reason for her to be tired at the end of the day, and when she is tired and doesnt feel like having sex hes entitled to go have sex with whoever he wants bec “the more a man works the more horny he becomes.”  he was telling me this ith this thick ass new york accent and i literally felt like i was in an episode of the sopranos. sonewyork.jpg at half time the boys played a drunk game of football in the street. it was absolutely amazing. everyone was looking at their windows.superbowl1.jpg this kids are so cute. i always see them in the neighborhood. they are these lil dominican kids that live next to the bar. one time i was there on a sunday drinking a beer outside and starting talking to them. they sat down with me and i taught them how to treat girls and why the “n” word is inappropriate. i adore them. they are total trouble makers.  widowkids.jpg everyone went crazy when the giants won. i almost fell over everyone was jumping around. there are few things that bring people together. almost every time i go to that bar theres a fight. to see everyone celebrating together was really amazing to me. clemscrowd.jpg i filmed a thing for crystal, jeylan did the lighting, conrad was my fake boyfriend. i secretly loved it.  coradjeylan.jpgcrystals jeans, hilarious name, little waist, big booty.littlewaist.jpg  now heres a bunch of random photos. merks and dave.merksdave.jpg dave and davedaveanddave.jpg try and tell me thats not cute, cuz you cant. frankfridge.jpg again, try and tell me thats not cutedivina.jpg another one of my favs, kara. she moved to mexico yesterday. its ok cuz i know she’ll be back. this girls spirit is incredible, and look how beautiful she is.kara.jpg me and morgan. known him for years. his twin brother dates one of my best friends from home.memorgan.jpg me and darling nootmenoot.jpg i wrote my name with a key on “the ludlow”. dont remember doing that. awesome. 10 points for me.  piafucktheludlow.jpg popcorn at the fishpopcorn.jpg kara and toddy todd toddtoddkara.jpg erin in the illest dress evererinfish.jpg me and jr being attractive video-snapshot-of-jen8796-1.jpg neck face mouthvideo-snapshot-of-thedeadbaby2-2.jpgcreepiest advertisement evera147_a2.jpg miss olivia malone sent me all these old pictures. this was last years cino de mayo in my old apt. there were like 100 ppl in my apt watching the fight. i will always remember that day.boxingcrew.jpg  i love this one. i look so happy during a time in my life when i really wasnt. piaanchorarmsup.jpg awesome times with the awesome stephanie porto, i cant believe this was a year ago.stephpialaugh.jpg yep, that looks about rightstephhighkick.jpg me and my old roommate markimg_2642.jpg ok im done. shit that was a lot of work. im now working weekend nights at mangiami, a really great italian restaurant on stanton btwn bowery and chrystie. come say hi! especially on valentines day because im going to want to kill myself.                                    

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  1. kohl permalink
    February 11, 2008 9:27 pm

    that chief / violens show was amazing. glad i ran into you for two seconds!

    miss you………

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