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better not forget the cheese!

January 9, 2008

my mom is the best grandmother ever, she doesnt want to feel old so they call her grandybestgmaever.jpg im sorry but you cant tell me these kids arent some of the cutest around, again this is levilevi-23-22-41.jpgand my darling ella. this is why i hate being across the country, i dont get to see them grow up. levi calls ella honey and they tell each other “i love you” all the time.ella-23-22-44.jpgwent to cyn and sarahs for their mothers birthday a couple days before new yearscynsarahcake.jpg why im wearing this i dont know, i think i was planning on going out but watching a movie was more appealing. i look like a lil kid playing dress up slash an 85 year-old upper east side widowmesarah.jpg cynthia just started interning at vogue, so proud of her. sarah just got back from a semester in paris, and shes headed back to san diego for school. im gonna miss them soooo much cynsarah.jpg new years eve came, and we decided to go to tiesto for on nye. i dont even know if thats how you spell it. anyway it was in downtown la where all my friends live who go to usc, so we went down there to get ready. these are some pictures my darling friend max took. he’s cyn and sarahs cousin and he lives in new york now which i loooove.n10800633_32251804_3465.jpg n24504188_31819599_1620.jpg n24504188_31819582_5105.jpg n10800633_32251805_3739-1.jpg n24504188_31819601_2379.jpg sarah and nick, just kill me now they are so cutenicksarah.jpg  heres max, peep his fit. amaaaaazing.sarahnickmax.jpg this is the bean where all the boys live, we met up there right before we left for the party. i got mad in the middle of the night for no reason and threw my friend wreath in the middle of the pool. sorry buddy! thebean.jpg the nyc countdown was playing at smileys, made me miss the city nycountdown.jpgthis lovely man will anderson who is friends with all my friends at sc built a ramp in his living room. that weird shadow is some dude skating.thebeanskate.jpg  this our friend erica who was an sc cheerleader, my secret lifes dream. shes so beautiful.perth.jpg we got downtown and whoa, it was so beautiful. i love downtown la.laview.jpg my old roommates are hearts challenger, they have these cool ice cream trucks. heres the la one and chai money. ran into him there. he gave me some cool glowing glasses chai.jpg here they are with my darling friend whit. known her forever, she comes to nyc a lot. one of my closest friendsmewhit.jpg heres ben wearing thembenglasses.jpgben whit and kevin, everything after this is just sillynesswkb1.jpg what are they doing?wkb2.jpg bens shirt was clearly a big hitbenmiller.jpg me and ben, this guy is a pro golfer and nothing but hilaaaarious good timesmeben.jpg whit in the glasseswhitglasses.jpg  whitandkevin.jpg like really?ravewhore.jpg condawg one of my fav humans on this earthcondawg.jpg thats a cigarette i swearbenmosco.jpg kevin and ben might love each other a little too muchgaymen.jpg collyn and whit. we agreed that night that the three of us might have the most fun together ever, which we did.mewhitcolly.jpg all the boys towards the end of the eveningboysgreen.jpg we went on the ferris wheel, which we cut in line to get on to. i think condawg tipped the dude. regardless at the top ben told us he terribly afraid of heights. im happy we were there to help relieve him of his fear ferriswheel.jpg at the time this was BLOWING my mindlights.jpg after a couple hours of horrible cold sleep i got up and went back to pasadena for the rose bowl usc game. my house overlooks the rose bowl so we had a big party at the crin and walked down to the game. p lanni found this motorcycle. hes so gay. but doesnt his hair look amazing??planni.jpg mr jimmy killian, a d1 usc volleyball athlete was nice enough to take me to the game with his mother, who is such a babe is gross. the sunset was incerdible. my house is on that hill uscgame.jpg usc obviously won. yea im a jock so what.uscgame2.jpg this is my darling austin. she lives in san fran. i adore her, shes my everything that one.austin.jpg back to new york on saturday. i cant not wait to go back. the only thing that breaks my heart is leaving my heart, my mother. heres a funny picture of my cat wearing my brapoppy.jpg this is my dads fav show. the feasty brothers. they are the kings of the 4 b’s, beer, bacon, butter and better not forget the cheese. no big dealbbbb.jpg                        

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