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my mom is the best

December 29, 2007

a couple nights ago olivia, spanky and lindsey came over for dinner. they liked my dogprker.jpg then last night nick and i went to the little door for dinner cuz hes like obsessed with menickdinner.jpg i got the lobster lobsterbfore.jpg as you can tell i liked itlobster.jpgthen we met up with chris and the arab parrot and headed to the chateau marmont for a birthday party marmont.jpg ive known chris forever, since i was a sophomore in high school i think, i love seeing him when i come homemechris.jpg ran into ruby, havent seen her in foreverruby.jpg mark was there, he used to be my roommate. i miss seeing him around. what is that weird dot by my eye? i think its eye shadow. why didnt anyone tell me? i hate that. i sat through an entire 2 hour class one time with a huge black pen mark across my cheek and no one said anything. i went to the bathroom and instead of being embarrassed i just got pissed. i spent 4 hours a week for 3 months with these people and they cant be my friend and tell me i have pen on my face? its just rude. i felt genuinely betrayed. memark.jpg while waiting for my car i saw this billboard of jamie on sunset, craaazy jamie.jpg then we went to teddys. i feel so lame dropping the names of these places right now. its only cuz la has no cool bars, everything here has to be a scene. on our way there this dude pulled up next to us. i yelled hi, and asked if he as having a good night. he said, “im haaaaving an awesome night…a few jack and cokes….awwesome night.” drunk driving is SO in right now. we can all thank fire crotch for that one.manincar.jpg mickey and matt were djing. and dancing like crazy. they totally love each othermickeymatt.jpghow beautiful is kaley?kaley.jpg i feel like i need to break down this series of awesome events, but it might be inappropriate so heres the short version. i ran into cory. whoa awesome good to see you!mecoryandppl.jpg then all of the sudden cory spotted this chick she doesnt like, and some really silly words ere exchanged. here she is yelling as we are all DYING laughing corynick.jpg still yelling, still have misplaced eyeshadowmecory.jpg laughter after the yelling, look of shock on the strangers face corysmile.jpg  charlie and his babe of a girlfriend, hes such a lil bitch, but i love himcharlie.jpg thank god carly showed up, i loooooooove hercarly.jpg i blog better than you blog!iblogbetter.jpg douchbagloser.jpg mr. creedcreed.jpg whoa its the girl from entourage!mebeau.jpg some chick in ridiculously expensive lanvin shoes that her mom probably bought herlanvin.jpg wrong bathroon but i made the best of it imeinbroom.jpg          mickey.jpg totally natural hair color weirdasian.jpg i dont know this dude but i think hes cute, he says he goes to school in boston nickandfriend1.jpg ew ew1.jpg we went to carlys house for a lil after party which she said was in my honor but i got tired and went home carlyshouse.jpg carly yelling at chris for being a brat about there not being enough girls caryyelling.jpg chris was wasted chirsrezo.jpg my mom in lindsey thornburg, too effing cute margcoat.jpg 

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  1. thearabparrot permalink
    January 10, 2008 6:58 pm

    Wheres my link you bloggin ho? Stop followin me around and stealin my blog pics!

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