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home sweet home

December 26, 2007

i almost missed my flight because i wanted to eat breakfast at my fav spot and there was a wait. thank goodness i didnt.plane.jpg planeagain.jpgi met the funniest guy on the plane. he works for the weinstein  brothers. he sat down, looked at me and said “i have turrets. so im not responsible for flying food or anything i say for the duration of the fight.” i soon realized that he was clearly joking. hes one of the most hilarious people ive ever met. brilliant too. plane2.jpg heres the front of our house. we’ve had these lights up since before i was born. its a total staple on our street, people leave us notes about how much they enjoy it. i love coming home to this.fronttree.jpg i always write silly things on the chalk board in our kitchen. no one ever notices until a few days later. then i get in trouble.gofuckyourself.jpg i woke up the next morning and made persimmon/blackberry muffins with my momma.muffins.jpgthey were incredible. i think cuz the fruit was from our garden.muffin.jpgi sat on the couch with my momma while she knit.margcap.jpg i feel asleep for a little bit and when i woke up this cap as on my lap. momcap.jpg i went to cynthia and sarahs grandparents house in the afternoon to show their fam our pictures from paris and to catch up a bit. we drank champaign and made sugar cookies. sarahpouring.jpg it took us a while to find a good frosting technique cynfrosting.jpg yummycookies.jpg this is cyn and sarahs grandfather, my boyfriend popi. i would marry him in a second if i could. hes so handsome. ive known him forever. he takes us out to dinner at ciprianis whenever hes in new york. which is such a nice treat. popi1.jpg christmas eve came and we headed to grandmas house.  the sunset on the drive was beautiful. carview.jpg my dad was antsy before dinner. he kinda gets annoyed when all his grand kids are around. too much noise. chuckchair.jpg i have 6 nieces and nephews. heres 4 of them watching the grinch who stole christmas while dinner was being prepared. kids.jpg most of them have blonde hair and blue eyes. this is sienna. she likes taking silly pictures and then looking at them on the camera. i never get to see them so i love when i do.mesienna.jpg this is max. hes a total handful.memax.jpg check out those eye balls.  max.jpg on christmas eve we do the typical italian deal. we eat cipino which is basically this really good seafood soup. my grandmother still makes a birthday cake for jesus. this is my dad an my uncle eating dinner. they are hilarious together.chuckuncleles.jpg my dad likes to eat a lot. chuckeating.jpg shells.jpg i gave my nephew alex a bath before we had dessert and opened presents. my grandmothers bathroom is insane.alexbath.jpg i dont know how my grandfather did it. the cologne he wore before he died is still in the same place. i always go in there to smell it, and then proceed to cry like a baby cuz i miss him. he was a wonderful human.gmabroom.jpg the pictures stopped here cuz i got wasted. i woke up early christmas morning to my parents searching for presents under the tree.xmasmorn.jpg every year my dad gets all of us a book with a nice letter inside. he did a good job this my mom gave my dad lots of pajama pants. he looked at her and said “i guess u dont want me sleeping naked anymore.” my mom and i laughed, he didnt.chuckpants.jpgthen we hoped into the car and went down the street to my sisters house for breakfast. we picked oranges to squeeze for juice.oranges.jpg my dad is a chain smoker. the only dentist i know who smokes.chuckhood.jpg she decorated her statue. she tells me this is what my body looks like.statue.jpg max was all excited he got a guitar. hes actually pretty good. i have to say i was impressed. maxguitar.jpg this is the view from her house of pasadena and the rose bowl.view.jpg my sister made huevos rancheros.  breakfast.jpg we went home and cooked all day for christmas dinner. yes, more food. we are pretty serious about our meat. my mom is so cute.margmeat.jpg here we are eatin din din. xmasdinner.jpg cant forget chuckchuckcrown.jpg my other brother came down from ventura with his wife and kids. here he is with their daughter ella.  spencerella.jpgagain, check out the eye ballsella.jpg and this is levi. im obsessed with him.levi.jpg after dinner we i met up with my friends at the ritz carlton for drinks. heres me with cyn, sarah, and hillarymehillcynsbs.jpg sarah and nick. they look like ken and barbiesarahnick.jpg i love these girls if u cant tell alreadymecynsbs.jpg this is kate. we’ve been best friends since 5th grade.mekate.jpg this is john sullivan. hes incredible. last time i saw him we were in my backyard at some party i had and he was free-styling. now we has a cd. im super happy for him.mesully.jpg  michelle and sarah. hadnt seen each other in a while, they got excited.michellesbs.jpg hill and cynthia before the ritz got too crowded and we all got kicked out.cyntonguehill.jpg me and my lady whit went to our dear friend matts house with john and tre. john was really drunk. he was drunk free-styling. it made us laugh.sullywhit.jpg i put on matts sweatpants and we opened some red wine. so many memories in this house. ive known matt since i was born, and in high school we partied there a lot. matt went to duke and now works on the obama campaign. tre is a pitcher at tulane. he’ll be going pro soon.mematttre.jpg out from the cultural center (the movie theater downstairs) came matts dad and a family friend. they were total crack ups. we listened to country music and they told us stories.mattandmen.jpghis dads friend used to be a judge, and showed us his tattoo to prove it. we stayed up for hours listening to their stories. such a good time.tatto.jpg                                       

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  1. December 27, 2007 7:48 am

    Your Papa is so fucking amazing.
    I want to be his best friend.

    Also, your family is amazingly good looking.
    Sweet baby jesus!

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