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the last five months through the eyes of my iphone

December 19, 2007

fourth of july in malibusilly.jpg ca$htrid cashtrid.jpg beer art by todd jordanbeer2.jpgberr.jpgben cho benchoshow.jpg dustin being a creepdustinchoshow.jpg pissdrunx.jpg dustin.jpg dustins walletdustinwallet.jpg dustin, todd and tino being gaydustintinotodd.jpgi was in central park one day and ran into wade (the virgins) dressed all weird. he was embarrassed, i think he figured he wouldnt run into anyonewade.jpg spanky looks weridspankhy.jpg  me being a klutz broken.jpg blood.jpg christmas treestrees.jpg ghostfaceghost.jpg qtipqtip.jpg homegrown festivalhomegrown.jpg homegorwn.jpg weirdo dave (fuck this life)weridodave.jpgalicia birthdaysha.jpgfood artplate.jpgmini saesindy.jpgcute lil brooklyn dominicans  lilboyz.jpg livyliv1.jpg alicia and keira shakeira.jpg satan in the subway satan.jpg frank and beansfrankandbeans.jpg beansbeans1.jpg i did some modeling in italy pia.jpgtimes squaretimes.jpg little miles sleepingmilessleeping.jpg kent, literally feel asleep like thiskentsleeping.jpg typicalimstupid.jpg doesnt say toy anymore…my darling miss 17 holding ave d downmis.jpghomework help….speaking of homework im geting back to that right now. homeworkhelp.jpg            

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  1. April 8, 2010 1:21 pm

    Stumbled onto your page while searching for “silly” to copy and paste into an email to make it cheerful. For some reason, your “Fourth of July in Malibu” picture was included. Followed the link to this page and found all of your photos quite intriguing. As an average middle-aged woman, I thought the funnier picture was your Christmas “trees/weed” sign.

    Nice work! =)

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