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its like taking your helmet off on the moon

December 18, 2007

im sorry, i dont mean to be old fashioned, but since when did looking like a cross between a prepubescent boy and a cancer patient become attractive?  id love to skinny, dont get me wrong, but id prefer not to look like some creepy old man hasnt been holding me captive in his basement for the past 5 years. which apparently is something i should look into bec its all the rage this season according to the v mag/supreme model search. they have managed to find a bunch of half dead teens who either have mothers who were too fat to model when they were young and now need beer money, or are from a family of 20 who live in a one bedroom apartment in some weird country i dont ever want to go to. lets take a look at a couple shall we? heres amanda. there are at least 4 bones in her chest that arent showing.  15 year-old fat ass. she needs a serious coke habit pronto. a coke habit and like 40 laxatives. vamodel_amanda.jpg ashley, my personal fav, is 13.  so that puts her in what? 6th maybe 7th grade? man i cant wait to have a daughter i can teach eating disorders to and whore to the world for bones. im going to have the illest wardrobe. shes already got the “too many late night eyes.” ugh it took me at least 3 years to get those. what a bitch. vamodel_ashley.jpgcheck this chick out. her name is samantha. someone needs to tell her to turn her face off.  vamodel_samantha.jpggood thing models dont look like this anymore. cuz having them actually be good looking would clearly be an issue.  but hey, im not complaining. keep them coming. theres a serious shortage of young easily-influenced girls moving to this city. i mean hello? who else is going to supply the men around here with new nikes and crisp wife-beaters?sorry but me and all my girls are cashed out. cindy_crawford_1.jpg      

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