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i want my life back

December 17, 2007

school man. this is what i have been doing non-stop. 9th street coffee should make me their customer of the month. this is one of my fashion illustrations. i basically just make them look how i would look in an ideal world with an ideal wardrobe.  acd.jpgbesides that i picked up my neck face painting, which makes me really happy.poo.jpg did some x-mas decorating, this also makes me happy.z.jpgtree.jpg nick brought kenji a copy of the aNYthing backdoor book. since kenji has been staying here the book has been in the apt.  im really happy to have a copy and to be a part of something that was so important. i lived around the corner of the store for a year, i used to love walking by and seeing everyone. we all know what happened next. thank god i moved. bd.jpgwhat is written on the inside is incredible. i hope i dont get in trouble for posting this!bd2.jpgwhats cool is how the pictures are in order. notice the door in the first pages.  look at harold. i remember i first time i met him….eh….probably not appropriate to post.  r.i.p. darling.first-opage.jpg here’ s the last. thank god im not on the same page as babes like molly and kim below. how come there are so many hot girls downtown?? that along with the ridiculous ratio of men to women gives all these boys such an advantage. ive said it before and ill say it again, new york is the only place where an awesome babe can get turned out by a dirtbag. then again thats the fun isnt it? talk about depressing.  last-pae.jpg there i am! “pia brand new”. i look weird. why am i making that face? sweet peace sign pia. mypage.jpg try and tell me this isnt cute. frank holding down the crib. notice the tire chained to my window. the bike was stolen. anyone got a bike alicia is in need!frank.jpggotta get back to work. going to la friday for a month. heck yes.   

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