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nicholas foster, my boo

December 10, 2007

i have this friend named nick foster or, as i call him, fick. we met about 6 years ago and have the craziest fucking relationship. he’s literally one of the funniest people ive ever met, and i feel like ive met a lot of funny people. hes got these one liners that are so inappropriate and he says them 100% straight faced at the most inappropriate times. i cant even handle it. hes fucking brilliant. for example, as i type this he and i are talking on instant messenger. i just told him im writing about him, but was taking a sandwich break and he replyed, “you would. fat ass.” i would kill him, but i know hes in love with me and this is just his pussy ass way of dealing. anyway, nick is an artist, and a very talented one at that. when we first met he was depressed and wasnt painting so i took him to the beach with a sketchbook and pencil and wouldnt leave until he drew something. the next morning he left a painting he had done of me on my doorstep with a note that said “this is like my best painting ever. the shading on your lip took over 2 hours. p.s. thank you.” i have kept that painting and note up in every room ive lived in. although we are obsessed with each other we fight like crazy. you know those horrible couples that always fight in front of everyone, calling each other horrible names and making everyone else feel uncomfortable? thats us, maybe worse. its been fine the last year, but up until then we were so mean to each other. we get in the nastiest fights, talk so much shit and sabotage each others relationships with other people. and as many times as ive said ill never talk to him again i always do. and i always will. hes my boo. im very protective of him. i used to see him all the time before i moved here, but now we are 3000s mile away from one another, which has done absolute wonders for our relationship. fuck, we used to get ourselves in the funniest situations. here he is being a babe. 2061848068_85774490f0_o_d.jpg here are some old pictures. im dying to find the picture i have of him puking out the window of my car. heres one from that night, minus the barf. samplenick.jpghere we are at the standard downtown for this party steve aoki used to do on the roof on sundays during the summer. this day was the first day i had heard about steve, weird he ended up living with me for a year. we look so cheesy. standard-pia-nick800.jpganyway the whole point of this is that he just had his senior show and i’m really fucking proud. last time i was home in the summer i went down to san diego so stay with him and my girlfriend whit for the weekend. i got wasted one night, and stripped down to my underwear while he painted. i got a call 4 days ago saying that the first painting he sold of his first show was the painting he did of me. i cant tell you how special that is to me. here is the painting, followed by others from the show. you can see more at 2090776270_495d337138-1.jpg 2089990501_9ca5870a81.jpg 2089969517_fb658b1da0.jpg i love fick. i cant wait to see his career take off.     p.s.we are really gay and jut wrote about each other on each others blog. he posted this message i sent him a couple years ago on myspace. it sums up our relationship.

May 10, 2005 3:10 PM

im going to enlighten you as to what occured when u were fucked up last friday….

random guy (talking to you about me): hey…you are a lucky man. She is beautiful.

noster: yea…and i’m not going to lie…the sex is GREAT!

me: fick…we’ve never actually had sex.

noster (to mr. random): ok i know. you see, my fiance and i are waiting until our wedding day to have sex. just like jessica simpson.

random guy: No way!! thats amazing. i’ve only had sex with 4 people. im very religious and go to church every sunday.

noster: you’re a fag.


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  1. singinghigh permalink
    December 10, 2007 4:43 am

    wow. maybe i’m a voyeur for reading your blog, but i am, like, full of love and positive energy right now for y’all. rad!!

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