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Alicia Torello

December 10, 2007

alicia and i met on the 4th of july of 2005. i had just graduated high school and was visiting the city to find an apt for my august 1st move. when i got here i was very la, and so obviously a lot of the people i was meeting, especially the girls, were not feeling me. but alicia was immediately nice to me, and i have loved her ever since. she is out of control funny. we laugh so hard together. her family is awesome too. her mom and lil bro and sis come down from albany to visit a lot and i genuinely love them all-just all around good nice people. alicia and i now live together, and ive never been so happy living with anyone else. she works at de facto ( and bartends at my fav bar in bk called clems with our girl keira on friday nights. the two of them behind the bar is rad. they are both hilarious and beautiful, they yell at people, spray each other with water, and when retards complain that “slayer is playing too loud” they turn it up. alicia, like a said before, takes really awesome photos. she has been taking them for a long time, and since she moved in she has been going through all her old flicks..  everyone loves her and i love her a lot too. shes at work right now and so i went into her room just now and took a bunch of photos off her computer to post because i really think people should see how talented she is. dont be mad alicia! the following are a few of my fav photos taken by my dear friend. enjoy!     issac, miles and ty. love these boys. 26800017.jpg braydon151.jpg braydon again, or as i call him, white trash malibu kenl_eb69a1941b9443c405e172060614ceb1.jpg 11.png 31.png boo.jpg

263400261.jpgme and dustin, i look like poo1231.jpgthere will be more to come, that was just a sampling. love you sha!

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  1. may permalink
    December 12, 2007 3:08 am

    luvz that supafly cuntrag

  2. Leah permalink
    February 22, 2008 11:51 pm

    Alicia has been cool shit since the day i met her in 8th grade. what you see is what you get. tell her to call me…we have a reunion coming up…


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