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December 9, 2007

  paris for the first time. my girlfriend sarah is living there for the semester, so her sister cynthia and i went to meet her there for thanksgiving. i cried when the plane landed i was so excited, and probably a little grumpy from the sleeping pills.  this is cynthia and sarah.they are both rad, not to mention beautiful tan blonde babes.within my first 10 minutes of being paris i walked by this store. craaaaaazy. 5.jpg we went to this yummy moroccan place called 404 the first night.14.jpg   the colombian babe below is lina. she is one of the coolest girls ive ever met. colombian lady who was raised in spain and miami. shes been everywhere and is incredibly smart. super inspiring. 10.jpg  then we went to this place tania. we went there basically every night.  it was so much fun, literally had an ear to ear smile. the boys were all yelling “ameeeeeeeerican guuuuuurls! i teeeeeach you to french kiss!” cute, but they mostly just look like such fags. i guess its because they shower, groom themselves and actually care about what they look like. all shit im not used to.  7.jpg  the parisian people got a kick out of cynthia and sarah. people would stare at them in the streets because they are clearly californians.   31.jpg
9.jpg this was our thanksgiving dinner. turkey and all. so yummy. we did a really good job of having a proper american meal.191.jpg  this sunset was literally breath taking.12.jpg   cynthia and i went on a hung over adventure one day and just followed the tip of the eiffel tower until we found it. on our way we found these kids at recess and  sat down in the middle of them playing like creeps taking pictures. boys in one corner, girls in the other. like a 6th grade dance. it was unreal.  112.jpg  a.jpg this lil guy was a total isolated fat ass eating by himself. cant say i havent been there buddy. 18.jpg really? 13.jpg lina took me to this whole in the wall for brunch. the smell was unlike anything i have ever experienced. there was one open flame in the back of the place for everything they cooked. dusty oil paintings and cast-iron skillets lined the walls. we had steak, potatoes, salad and red wine for breakfast. best meal of my life hands down. 22.jpgcynthia and sarah on the last night   4.jpgbeautiful lina 6.jpg best thanksgiving ever   

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