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my darling friend miss livy jane

December 9, 2007

i remember when i moved here meeting this lady named olivia malone one night. we boded a bit one night over being from la la land, and ever since she has grown to be a great friend of mine. she been taking pictures of me for almost 3 years now, and looking back at them its like a nice little timeline. i was talking to her a couple days ago, and told her how excited and proud i am of how well her work is going. the girl works her fucking ass off. shes so talented and i have loved watching her work the last couple years. you will definiately be seeing more of her. check her out on worship worthy, flickr, or at considering most of the older ones are with my ex, here are some recents we did together this past year. love you she is being beautiful. l_ee36e21d4750a2499418f53f4ce0c2ee.jpgon a side-note- im not using pictures of myself because i am vain it is because i cant pull anything off of her website. so there.    featherface.jpg   monstersad1.jpgbedlookup.jpgbedcross.jpgbedcrazylaugh.jpg

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  1. Aviva permalink
    December 10, 2007 5:10 pm

    Thats the hottest pair of black eyes I’ve ever seen. Was it a catfight or a nosejob? Either one is hot.

    Love you PeePeeCutes!

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