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another year, still queer

December 9, 2007

my parents came out for my birthday. this is them being silly. 11.jpgpeep my moms sweatsuit, and the size of my father. hes fucking huge. there were nyc condoms sitting behind him at the fish, and neck face looked at my dad and said “yo dad you need condoms?” my dad (who is appropriately named chuck) replied “i dont need that shit, i shoot blanks.” gross dad. 2.jpg this night we got really drunk. my mom got embarrassed when we ordered shots to the table. my dad told the dude at the table next to us he was an ass. my hair also caught on fire on my birthday candle. typical. 3.jpg   my sisters boyfriend is a comic book artist. his name is time sale and hes ridiculously awesome.  he does all the artwork for that show heroes, as well as superman, siderman, and my personal fav cat women (cuz im a single white female with two cats like a fucking spinster). anyway he and my sister came into town as well for some comic book signing and we went to lil frankies for dinner. shes exaclty 20 years older than me, so being close with her was kinda weird cuz the age gap, and cuz im the youngest so all my siblings werent feeling me for a while. now im older and shes gotten to know who i am. i think she finally likes me. its nice to be on the same page. after all she is blood and we do look a lot a like, its kinda creepy. shes really beautiful woman and has a super strong spirit. go-getter that one. i love her. here we are at din din. i dunno if u can see the resemblance but its definitely there. sisters.jpg so my point in this was that tim made me this card for my birthday. he had emailed me asking if there was anything inparicular that i wanted, and obviously i said art. he then showed up at my apt with this. it made me cry.   tim.jpg i had my birthday party at sweet and vicious. it was really fun.  alicia (my dear friend and awesome roommate) took these. shes such an incredible photographer. she just takes pictures as a hobby, but they are all so good. im going to compile and bunch and post them. i think she should start taking pictures professionally. 19.jpg.   2-1.jpg 21.jpgmy darling boy johnny took these. hes great too, check out his website    conrad came straight from the airport which really meant a lot to me.conradpia.jpg  this is one of my dear friends cassie. she has a good heart. piacassie.jpg   the always fabulous david foote. he does everything. just look  davidfpia.jpg  all and all i had a great night with people who i really adore.   

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