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December 5, 2011



“football is about to start. i like your blog”

August 9, 2011


guess what?

i dont care









i’m like whatevs

August 8, 2011










quit my job – went to la for a month to detox and remember that being real human has nothing to do with anything i had been doing the last 9 months. i feel much better now. thank you for asking.

my parents cried when i left.  i tried not to so they would think im strong. but now that im here, i dont think anyone really cares that im not there. im not saying that to be lame thats just kinda how things go with everyone – including myself.

i get kinda lonely here – not for lack of wonderful people – everyone is just hustling. so i rescued a kitten who was abandoned in brooklyn to fill a void. her name is loretta. she has kitten cancer and is scared of me. didn’t fill the void but she makes me happy. its nice to have something to take care of.

 ny was developed in a horrible geographic location climate-wise. it feels and smells like a fat mans armpit.

my computer broke and i didnt fix it for almost two months. it was a nice brain vacation.

i dont know if anyone still looks at this thing nor if anyone cares but i felt like it was time to put up some photos.

when i read my own blog i get second hand embarrassment for myself. but every time i go to delete it i look back at the first entries and realize this is a literal map of my growth as a human and just like most of my past, good or bad, i just cant let it go.


















i was so sweaty the whole time

June 12, 2011

i went to coachella…blah blah blah….like totes cool people were there…blah blah blah.

jeremy scott wore buttless pants at elvis’ house.

anyway i have a tumblr now. im so into it.  HERE fool.

ya dig?

bar-babe-bros (and an inappropriately personal rant)

April 29, 2011

so lindsey, chase, cassia and i went to barbados – which we all decided should be named bar-babe-bros because those are the 3 key ingredients to the country. everyone is lovely and happy and nice and drunk and refuses to work more than they need to. silly white people like myself have it all wrong.  oh – did i mention there were kittens? because THERE WERE KITTENS. besides my ferocious sunburn,  it was an incredibly wonderful trip with some very special people.

im going to depart from the aforementioned beauty for a moment and get something off of my chest.

why do people say things they don’t mean? more specifically, why do men (boys) go out of their way to make a situation something that it doesnt need to be? im a bro, i can handle understanding a situation for what it is. in fact, its easier for me when things are simple.  i am on a roll with work and don’t have time to cook food and wash dirty socks for anyone but myself. if women are supposed to be the emotional ones, why do guys feel the need to fill my ear with things i didnt want or need them to say?

i fell prey to someone. someone who came into MY life because they wanted to be a part of it. after fighting it off i let it happen just in time to get FUCKED over.

heres the main reason why this bothers me – spending special moments with someone is important for people’s souls. i would like those moments to be spent with the least amount of humans possible. i dont want someone playing with my hair and holding my hand casually. thats serious. now i have wasted those moments with someone and i feel cheap and used and i’m pissed and hurt and disgusted. the sad thing is that i tried to make it better and “understand where hes coming from” so i dont feel so bad about myself. instead i was belittling my existence because i know better than to allow anyone to treat me other than how i deserve.

yes i know this is personal and innapropriate but fuck it. i know im not the only one that feels this way and im tired of it. im also tired of watching myself and my phenomenal friends allow losers to walk all over us. i am a smart, fun, far too easy going, mellow girl with a fantastically fun family that only asks for laughter, good meals, good wine (both of which i can provide) good love and the occasional arm tickle.  AND i work all the time so you don’t even have to see me that much! i encourage boys bro time and only ask that you come home to me at the end of the night and that you dont have a drug problem. these things, apparently, are just too much too ask.

so Mr. G – if you happen you read this, no matter how good the eye contact was YOU FUCKING BLEW IT.

we named him manny

March 16, 2011

things ive realized since september:

1. i am far more capable and hard-working than i had ever imagined. a fact i realized only recently after working at least 10 hours a day at peoples revolution for the last almost 6 months.

2. i don’t want to be known for being someone, i want to be known for doing something – will get back to this at a later time…

3. am allergic to grains. sucks.

4. i can’t kick sleeping with my teddy bear.

5. i wear the same 4 or 5 outfits over and over again.

6. im good at making makeshift homes – i live in the back of of peoples rev showroom above kelly’s apt cuz i cant really afford my own place. its mad cozy. sundresses for curtains.

7. as soon as i get a place im getting another pitpull puppy and a kitten.

8. im still taking applications for possible boyfriends.

9. i need to take pictures more often.

10. basel might have been of of the most magical bro weekends in history (see below photos).  we swam with wild manatees in the harbor outside chases house in miami, just sayin.



blondie went to paris

March 15, 2011

my darling friend cynthia smith is the epitome of a vogue girl. shes very beautiful, very blonde, very tiny, has the wardrobe of blaire waldorf and owns yellow labs. shes been my little everything since 8th grade, and after years of being on opposite coasts (besides my visit to her nantucket summer home and our trips to paris) she is now an actual vogue girl.

she works uptown i work downtown. shes the cheerleader and im the weird goth chick (you should have seen the look on everyones face at vogue when i showed up in all black for a desk side appt – “cynthia she grew up in pasadena with YOU?”)  but admist these terrible social barriers our friendship has survived. we still laugh and act as we did when we were 15 and there isnt much i wouldnt do for cynthia or her beautiful family.

cynthia was one of the select lucky vogue assistants to go to paris this year for fashion week, and was smart enough to chronicle her daily adventures and outfits. while cynthia may always be “on trend”, her looks are remain perfectly classic.  in a world where tattoos and ripped shirts now grace the pages of every fashion magazine (and my own body) there is something to be said about class, which in my opinion, is the most important “trend” of all.

click HERE to see rad photos from our amazing trip to paris a while back

and go to VOGUE.COM to see more of cynthia’s trip